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What People Are Saying

It was the first time we had an online induction for our project. It exceeded all expectations and was a truly great experience. We were able to provide new employees with an overview of the company and project before anyone had even arrived onsite. 

Jason Lewis

Health & Safety Specialist

We had our companies old training presentations and materials revamped. They turned out better than anticipated. It was great to have fresh modern training material for our employees at last. Materials were also developed with learner’s needs in mind. 

Philomena Casey

Human Resources

We were given a link to our induction and it was managed by itself from there. It was fantastic to finally have an automated process for on-boarding. We were able to spend more meaningful time with new employees since they had already gotten to know our company prior to arrival.  

Rachel Graham

Human Resources.

We thought e-learning would be expensive and not cost efficient until we discussed things with Quartz. They were able to provide us with an on-boarding process that was well within our budget. Six months in we have less administrative tasks and more time. These are just some of the benefits we now enjoy. 

John Leonard

Project Manager

Online Courses

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Online Courses

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