Being A Likeable Boss


Training Manual


Some people learn by interaction, listening or watching, however, there are others who love to learn by reading. If you develop better by reading then the learner guide is for you. The book is a comprehensive training manual that is broken into sections and modules. Activities and useful resources are attached in the appendix.

Developed as a tool to assist you in more ways than one, take a look at some customer use cases.


Use Cases:

  • For Learning: To learn and develop ones own skills at your own pace
  • For Guidance: To keep at hand as an educational resource for guidance at anytime
  • For Development: To gain new ideas or tips on your chosen topic by using the guide and activities attached in the appendix
  • For Training: To gain some insight on a topic so you can train others and your employees
  • For Refreshers: As a general refresher in your chosen topic


For more details on the guide contents and objectives refer to the associated online training course.

Note: This learner guide is an extension of our online training course (included with course).


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