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There are many workplaces that have dangerous levels of noise. Whether you are vulnerable to damage depends on the volume of the noise and the length of time you are exposed to it. Even listening to music too loud on earphones while you work can cause damage to your hearing.

The harsh reality is when you lose your hearing you will probably never get it back and no job is worth irreversible hearing loss. Employers have legal obligations around protecting the hearing of their employees, but even with these health and safety rules in place, many people are at risk. This short e-learning course will help you reduce or control the risks from noise at work.



  • Start to realise how dangerous excessive noise can be to hearing
  • Learn how to reduce and control the risks of noise at work
  • Gain practical and cost effective ways to protect your hearing
  • Understand more about the legal obligations on employer
  • Start to care more about hearing health

1 review for Noise At Work

  1. jimmytormey12

    Worth every penny! Very informative just like the other courses I have done.

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